Our Team

We are a group of volunteers working together with women in our community to support this program.  Currently our team includes the following volunteer members:

Kiran Tiwari, Founder and Chairwoman – Kiran is the vision behind this Society; she started the Society in 2009 with her own funds. The funds paid for a part-time teacher to teach women in the community to sew and embroider, skills that could help them seek employment. The Society eventually grew and since 2013 Kiran has been able to guide multiple full-time teachers to serve their community. Kiran has an extensive experience working with the Zila Sehkari Bank (Regional Rural Bank) in Unnao, India. During her tenure she worked one-on-one with women from low socio-economic status to help them gain financial access to bank accounts, and banking services and products. Now engaged full-time in the Society’s work, Kiran is determined to contribute the financial well-being of low-income women in her community.

Mrs. Pooja, Full-Time Teacher – Pooja is the full-time teacher dedicated to “The Sewing Project” since its inception in 2006. Pooja has trained several women and girls over the years, and guides and counsels them throughout the program. Pooja has extensive experience working for NGOs in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh.

Mudita Tiwari, Co-Founder – Mudita has worked in the field of international development, and has extensive experience in research design and program management. She has worked on Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion issues in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. In addition, Mudita has worked extensively in Tamil Nadu, Punjab, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh on issues related to microfinance, agricultural financing and informal and formal banking. Prior to working in India, she worked as a global health researcher, and private and public sector business analyst in the US.

Shail Tiwari, Co-Founder – Shail is serves as the advisor and the advisor for “The Sewing Project” and “The Financial Project” initiatives. She currently oversees all the Financial Literacy training provided to women in the Society, and has played an integral role in advising the teachers at the Society.

Dr. Rachna Tiwari, Volunteer Doctor – Rachna serves as the medical counselor for “The Pads Project” and provides women with practical advice about healthcare issues. Rachna is a certified Podiatric Surgeon and based in the US, however, volunteers her time either in person (when she travels to India), or via phone and teleconferences (when in the US),