The Sewing Project

Our pillar project also called “The Sewing Project” is set up to teach the women sewing, stitching and embroidery. It all started with the 3 sewing machines that our mothers and grandmothers owned to sew the clothes for their children.  We fixed up the machines and gave them in the hands of our students so that they could learn sewing.

This project has ongoing enrollment throughout the year, with sessions that last 3 months at a time. In all, 4 sessions are hosted throughout the year. During these sessions, women work one-on-one with teachers to learn sewing skills. Women are taught a multitude of sewing techniques that are critical in setting up their own sewing shops – cutting, tailoring and fixing simple garments for children and adults; embroidering items such as cushion covers and sheets; and sewing with the machine and with their hands. With these skills, entrepreneurial women in our program are able to earn money sewing in their own local communities.

The project is currently supported by one full-time teacher. Her fees are provided by personal funds and by a small registration fee paid by the women enrolled in the program. As the program grows, we intend to buy more equipment to support tailoring stations, more raw materials to practice on and hire more teachers for the program.

We intend to follow stories of the inspiring students in our program and share them with you. Please see pictures from “The Sewing Project” in our Gallery.